EBS Desktop Wallpapers

Over the last few weeks we have been adding a collection of Desktop Wallpapers into our Extras section. There are plenty more on the way, but we figure there are already enough up there to warrant a post Take a minute to clear the clutter from your desktops and put on a new Eight Bit Strange wallpaper.  Read More

Production Preview : Big Boss

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, but does the tree fall far from the apple? Big Boss a.k.a Naked Snake a.k.a. Solids Daddy joins the cast of Eight Bit Strange.  Read More

New Artwork

Had a chance to sit down and paint two new art pieces, you can check them out in the Art Shop. The first one is based on the somewhat iconic image from Metal Gear Solid 4 (http://www.konami.jp/mgs4/img/main-img.jpg) The second one is of Solid Snake posing against pink/purple. Shit if anyone can do it , it’s Snake. I will try to get a couple more paintings in before the release of the next episode. Cheers! Greg  Read More

New Artwork

UPDATE: Original Artwork has already Sold Out. I will paint a few more pieces in the upcoming weeks. Added a few new paintings to the Art Store for those of you interested in original artwork. Some are related to past episode while others are just kooky Nevertheless they all support the series. I’ll sit down and paint a couple more after I finish episode 7, which should be done by Monday at the latest.  Read More

First Posters Are In

Read More  Read More

Little Shop of Artwork

If you have a minute please check out our new store where you will find the first collection of  hand-made original artwork. There will be no prints made of these paintings in order to keep their unique status……. unique If you were looking for a way to support the series , it doesn’t get better then this. http://www.8bitstrange.com/store  Read More

Fine Art: Gouache

I finally had a chance to paint a little today and I decided to step away from my usual conceptual sci-fi stuff and take  a stab at a Eight Bit Strange original. A lot of you have been asking me about figurines and toys but since Snake and the rest of the current cast are based on characters developed by Hidoe Kojima , I am unable to make any toys available without specifc permission which I do not have. But custom art on the other hand is fair game.... Read More

Production: Set Design ep4

I have been getting a lot of requests to post tutorials and such regarding the making of Eight Bit Strange. While there will definitely be a Behind The Scenes section on the DVD once season one is finished, for now I’ll be showing you guys what I can while I produce these little episodes. (Click on the Image to view larger size) This is a early glimpse of the set I’m working on for the next episode. I used the house from Pixar’s... Read More

While you wait

Sometimes a weird idea just pops into my head….and only way to get it out is to draw it. -Greg  Read More